PNG 2d asset making software

PNG 2d asset making software

Hello, community,

Does anyone know a free software you can illustrate in (like MS paint) to make 2D assets for your game? I don’t want to but anything so only free softwares.

P.S: Also the reason I need one is so I can make a 2D portal for my game. This I am also needing help with. You see in my game the player must drag a portal from the toolbox in order to place two in a certain way to slingshot a ball into a basket. I just need help on actually programming a 2D portal.

Thank you!

What OS?



Windows 10. Sorry I didn’t mention so.

Gimp works on Windows 10. I’m not much of a Windows day to day user so besides Gimp and Paint I don’t know of many free software packages. Perhaps the Windows store can provide ideas or or

Thanks!!! GIMP looks fantastic!