Plugins for android, iOS...also calling non-static methods in native code

I would like to know whether there is a way to make an .aar file in android studio and then call its code from cocos creator . I looked into reflections but that is not my requirement. also, I need to call non-static native android and native iOS methods and don’t know how to do that.
Also, how can I pass the context of the cocos activity to the custom plugin(if one can be made)?
does someone have a solution?

I have done that to bring back vibrate function to recent Android. But, you must be able to code in Java.

Basically, I just created a new static method in Java in which I called non static Java methods to make the phone vibrate (according to the parameters pass from JS). So, it’s doable. Firstly, you just write a working code in Java (may be from .aar) and then wrap those codes in a static method so that you can invoke it from JS.

I hope you got the idea and I hope what I shared would be useful to you. good luck!