Playing videos in my game

One of my mod guys wants to create in-game videos for me to play within PSF, and I’ve been researching. He prefers MP4, and it looks like I can safely distribute MP4 files with the game with no license issues. However, finding a library or code to show the video is pretty daunting right now.
I see some examples of showing WEBM videos, and that has the advantage of being cross-platform, and no licensing. I just haven’t found any complete examples of putting that in a C++ app rather than a web app.

On the Windows side, I see DirectShow and Media Foundation, but I really struggle reading Windows documentation.

I need to support Windows 10 and 11 (7 would be a bonus, but not at all necessary), and I’d love to also be able to support Mac and iOS, but that’s a bonus as well.

Has anyone here done this in a commercial product? Thanks!