Platform specific code (Android Vs Amazon)

Platform specific code (Android Vs Amazon)


Hello I know amazon and android are very similar but in my game I have a button that will take the user to the app store listing of my my game to rate it, is there a way to tell if the user is playing on an amazon device so I can take them to the amazon app store instead of the google play store ?


I dont see any #ifdef in our code for Amazon.

maybe you could run something like lsb_release -a or uname to check?


Where would I run that at? My only other option I can think of is copy and pasting my whole project to change the url to Amazon AppStore and then submit that apk to the amazon app store


Some developers have told me they make more off Amazon store than the Play Store.


Hm, interesting.
What can be reason?
Some Amazon specific apps?


I’ve had a few studios reach out and say Amazon was a bit seller got them. I could ask them for more thoughts.


I feel like the reason is because it is easier to get noticed on the amazon App Store since it’s not as saturated as the play store and that results in more people downloading it.



Your app can check the install package name (Amazon, Google, Samsung or sideloading) and show/hide or use a specific store intent. You can find more about it at StackOverflow.

Is that, what you are looking for?


Yes I think that might work I will check it out once I get home


I also found this solution I think it might be similar to @mars3142 solution


Yes, this will be the open intent, but my link was for the check.