Physics chipmunk?

Physics chipmunk?
  • How to prevent objects from sinking when dropped : 0:02 in video.(i use jumby to jump)
    -I do not want this : 0:00 -> 0:01 and 0:09 -> 0:11 in video.What should I do
    (To move, I use setvelocity)

(Considering the absense of response, take mine with a grain of salt, it is a method I made on my own, not a professional one)

When I encountered this issue I just made an invisible bar ABOVE the ground.

You should not use jumpby action when you use Physics, try with Force or Velocity.
Search this forum for more post on same topic.

Do you want to restrict rotation? Then you can set false rotation.

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Can you explain more clearly?

If you are using Physics then you should avoid actions, because Action will not consider physics body collision while moving. So you should move/jump character by velocity/force.
Also you can try manual physics update, setAutoStep make false.
Check this : Chipmunk Auto Jump
There are lot of other post available as well, also you can check this in cpp-test.

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