Physics behave different in iphone and ipad air simulator

Physics behave different in iphone and ipad air simulator

cocos2dx 3.17.1 version
(chipmunk physics and Box2d physics )
i just create 1 ball body and apply velocity Vec2(0,100);
in iphone simulator when i apply velocity ball is jump up to middle of the screen but in the ipad air simulator it behave not like this

in ipad air simulator it jump up to 1/4 part of screen.
i try lost of diff diff things but not working i am stuck in this please someone help me

i also try box2d but the problem is same in box2d also.
@slackmoehrle @smitpatel88

3 points:

  1. For gaming you should always avoid simulator. Always use physical device for iOS & Android both. I use simulator just for game launch testing. whether game is launching for different OS version, like that.
  2. I will prefer Box2d for such requirement
  3. Play with dt, read details for physics delta time.
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is it require to multiply velocity with dt . in my all past project i never multiply any velocity with dt

You should use fixed time step for this.
Check forum for such posts and google it as well.

this problem is also happen in real device also in chipmunk physics .
but is i set ResolutionPolicy::EXACT_FIT . then this issue is not happen

Thats different issue. Read more about how to support multiresolution.