Performance on mobile

Since moving to v3.0, i figured out that 2.xx had a much better performance on mobile. Will there be improvements with the mobile performance on v3.0 / 3.xx ?

Maybe some dev. can explain the reason, or optimizations and so on…

Sorry about that, Please more detail, Which platform and Which kind of game?

I used the mobile Example game “Taxi”. Which you can find on GitHub. It is a simple 3D Game. It should run super performative. Running on Android 4.4 and 5.0 (on old devices in purpose). If you compare the CC 2.x versions and their 3D performance with CC 3.0, CC3.0 lacks in this area. Best test environment for such simple 3D games are very old devices. On new devices you will never ever recognize any difference.

You can check it by yourself, trying this:

  • CC 2.x , Game: The Aviator (Android 4.x to 5.0) - runs very smooth (good fps)
  • CC 3.0 , Game: Taxi (Android 4.x to 5.0) - runs bad (low fps)

We will continue to fix performance issue. For example, we will implement scene management related codes in c++. About the reason of current performance, can refer to this topic: Android build rendering options for performance - #11 by Migguli.

Thank you for the information. Sounds like a good plan for the upcoming releases. I hope soon we get there. I will take a look into the other thread