Performace issues 2.4.5: Android APK (slower) and Web Mobile Chrome (faster)


I noticed Android native APK is slower than Web Mobile running on Chrome on the same mobile device (Samsung A5).
Is it normal?

I tried to optimize it as much as possible, but it looks like this may be an engine issue, is it possible?
Any idea how to reduce with gap between Chrome (faster) and APK (slower)?

Many thanks,

Did you discover anything?

Unfortunately not … I think this is an engine problem, much optimized for HTML5 than native.
We did a lot of small optimizations and now we got a better performance on native also, but HTML5 always faster.

Can you roll back to 2.4.4 and test if the problem is there? (I’m using this version and for me, I don’t see any differences)

How do you test chrome faster than native app? By comparing fps, frametime, or some thing else ?

Yes, FPS.
We also got similar issues using 3.1.1 or 3.0.1, so downgrading to 2.4.4 will not help this too much.

That problem has been discussed here: Android build rendering options for performance - #13 by zhangxm. Hope it can help you

Thanks thaihoangduylinh,
Yes, I think that’s the problem, but there is no solution yet … we need to wait for 2.4.6? :slight_smile:

@thaihoangduylinh @Fabrizio what i mentioned in another thread is about Cocos Creator v3.x, not v2.x. About v2.x, i think it is another issue.

@Fabrizio will you please provide a test case to reproduce it? Thanks.

Unfortunately too complex for me to provide a sample. I did a lot of optimizations and now the problem reduced a bit.

got it, thanks.