Pass Me - new hypercasual game

Pass Me - new hypercasual game


It’s created on Cocos Creator, I have not used any UI editor just plain images and for physics it’s BOX2D


It’s box2d engine,


He mentioned it before


oh, I did not realise (messages now deleted). To be honest who would look through 42 messages




He mentioned it just one Message above yours!!! :man_facepalming:

I’m curious … who reads those messages for you? Your Mama or do you have a special employee for such works?


Rude, sorry I just happened to scan through the first 30 messages, gave up and asked.

No, and I actually find that phrase very disrespectful and degrading. Nobody’s great mother deserves to be referred to in such a way…


Well it’s not a point to raise…It’s normal and can happen with anyone


I noticed his behavior in many other threads. He is/was too lazy to read documents, and now he does not even read posts by other users. I tried to ignore it… it’s not worth writing more about this…

Anyways. This Thread ist about your Game


IIRC, @Rascake is about 15 years old. Let’s try to remember how we were at age 15. I think I lacked focus and following through at that age too. I also think that he is learning c++ and game development at the same time. This may create some stress of not knowing how to find an answer on his own. So he just asks. I think we should start replying with resources on how to answer the question he asked. As I have said to other replies about this same topic: teach a man to fish.

And what a nice game it is!


How could I have found alone the answer own other than by reading the reply by ousaf?

Previously, yes, I did lack this skill but rarely these days if not never do I ask unnesessary questions


You asked 2-3 just in this thread alone though.

You are 15. You lack skill and experience.


Yes, they were blunders and are now deleted

Skill in researching?


and programming and life and everything. You build experience by trying things. So we can teach you how to answer the questions you ask.


Ok, sorry if i replied in a witty way, I thought you subconsciously said it in a critical way