Pass Me - new hypercasual game

Pass Me - new hypercasual game



I just finished making my first game in Cocos2d-x, like it?


Congrats on releasing.


It’s good :clap::+1:


Nice you like it


My record in an iPhone is 18, in my way home. :innocent:


Mine is 39, tell me if you beated my score :wink:


Simple and cool game!
I like it :+1:


Thanks @dimon4eg


Thanks @slackmoehrle


Nice game, very addictive hahaha


Thanks @JcamiloCE


on my iPhone X I find it very hard to pass. most of the time it goes completely where I don’t want it to. Anyone else having difficulties? Perhaps it is because I have display zoom on and also some accessibility features.


It has a sound problem.
When i play at the first time, i don’t hear sound. When i lose the game and play again, yes.
I’m with Safari.


Fantastic game, may I know where you learned to make the menu? the pause button and how a play button, a home button etc? I would like to use a similar layout in my games.


Doesn’t work with latest chrome. stuck :frowning:


Are you holding the iPhone X in portrait mode? Game works best in Landscape mode…Can you please explain what problems exactly you are facing?


Are you on MAC? what version of Safari you are using? @tranthor


On Pause you play animation where you change alpha from 0 to 1 and Scale from 1.3 to 1 (1 means original size)
On Play you reverse the animation…


Can you see console if there is any error?
It’s working perfectly fine on my latest chrome…


Nice idea! It is so simple, but for some reason addictive.
I like animations and UI, although the characters are too simple for my taste.

p.s. Chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit) works fine for me.