Particle system question

Particle system question
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I have a problem with a particle system, and I am likely just doing it wrong.

What I have is a particle system that is a child of a container (the light gray part on the image below). I then have four move actions (in a repeatforever sequence) that moves the particlesystem using cc.moveBy commands, the result is that it moves it around in a square like the one you see below. This is the desired result…

The Problem:
When I change the scale of the root canvas - this scaling seems to not be applied correctly to the particle emitter. I just cannot seem to figure out how to fix it. You can see what happens when i cange the scale of the root canvas on the gif below - the particle system still moves in a square but the emitter seems to scale down or something.

If anyone has a tip how to fix it please let me know :slight_smile:

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Cocos Creator Particle System BUG

Really stuck on this one, so i hope someone has a tip to what I am doing wrong please give a hint :wink: Or is it an error in cocos?


Can you try tweaking particles Position Type option?


solution:fix Particle system bug