Parse Alternative

Parse Alternative
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Hi guys ,
What is the best alternative for parse since it will shutdown ?


Parse has written about it here:

Any MongoDB can get you started.


Anyone tried ?


Not tested them, as I was not using Parse, but you can check this out:


Which features do you need?


Leaderboard ,Send data to my game and push Notifications.


You could use a MBaaS solution, which provide tons of features (including those three):
Braincloud you already mentioned.
GameSparks: http://www.gamesparks

or you can use specialised services for each feature you need. There are plenty of service providers for leaderboards, socket data or push notifications.
It totally depends on your needs. E.g. amount and features of leaderboards, socket features, amount of push notification per minute, free plans, paid plans with/without SLAs, guaranteed uptime, support and so on.


Try App42. Very handy.


Please try Back4app . They have migrated thousands of applications from Parse and the migration wizard allow to do it in around 5 minutes.



Any idea on how to integrate PlayFab or GameSpark into a Cocos Creator project? (Or links to tutorials on how to do this would be greatly appreciated).