[PAID] Seeking C++ Cocos-2dx developers - Full Time - Remote

[PAID] Seeking C++ Cocos-2dx developers - Full Time - Remote
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We are looking for talented, highly skilled and motivated C++ Game Developers (cocos2dx) to join our team on a full time basis.


  • You must be a TOP C++ game developer
  • C++11 expert
  • Cocos-2dx expert
  • Fluent Java, JNI, Objective-C - Advantage
  • Spoken english, Great communication

Initially you would be involved in developing social casino games

We are a leading company with cross platform apps on iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone.

You should be able to develop and test games on at least iOS and Android

Interested candidates should send an email to:

Please answer the following questions in the email:
1A - What devices & OSs do you have for testing?
1B - What OSs and IDE’s do you have for developing?
2A - Link to 2 of the best games you developed, in what framework?
2B - What was you role in the development process?
3A - What is your current job? (i.e. student, which company, or freelancing full time, etc?)
3B - Expected monthly salary, expected hourly rate
3C - What Time Zone are you in?
4 - How much experience do you have with Cocos Studio? What is Cocos Studio used for? What version of Cocos Studio are you using?
5 - (1 being lowest, 10 being highest)
5a - Out of 10 rank your C++ skills
5b - Out of 10 rank your C++11 skills
5c - Out of 10 rank your Java skills
5d - Out of 10 rank your JNI skills
5e - Out of 10 rank your Objective-C skills
6 - What is your skype contact details?


@megarama provided your company’s website is better.


@megarama don’t get me wrong but you have listed all the questionnaires required for your analysis, but haven’t share much info about you or your company. Further details about the nature of work or expected responsibilities will help people to decide further. After all hiring is not just finding better people to work with, its also about finding a better team with future alignments :slight_smile:.