[PAID] Need a Mobile App Created for my WebGame

[PAID] Need a Mobile App Created for my WebGame

Cocos2D App for my webgame

My webgame is http://senpa.io

I need someone to create a mobile client for it in Cocos2d.

I have my own custom backend with TypeScript for the servers, the Mobile App will connect to the same servers as the PC version. (I use websockets)

I need the design to be very clean, and the app to run very smooth, an example of a design that I like is the Agar.io mobile app

I want to also integrate Admob ads to the app.

I also want push notifications using onesignal

I also want something which will force the users to update the app if a new version is available

The app must implement my full protocol, my protocol is documented very well and I will give access to my server and web client for reference to help with the development of the mobile app.

I want the mobile app to be for iOS and Android

Your probably thinking why I picked Cocos? Well my game is similar to Agar.io and I saw that their mobile app uses Cocos2D and it runs great so I also want to use Coco’s after seeing how good it is.

Budget is $1000

Ready to hire ASAP. My server uses a binary based protocol

In my opinion your budget might be to low for those that are qualified to do this work.

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