[PAID] Need a Carrom Game Multiplayer

[PAID] Need a Carrom Game Multiplayer


I need a carrom multiplayer game done in any cocos2d-x or cocos js. Ready code is preferable to save time and modified. Budget is near $700

Carrot multiplayer?

Thanks for pointing out, My bad. Corrected

Will you be providing assets/animations/design?


Yes Design’s will be given.

Multiplayer means to play over Internet?

Yes. Online with random players

It looks like you are well experienced in the business, so let me tell you what I think of the project.
In 700$ you can only expect to get a already written code,
because to write from scratch and that too with server side is not worth for 700$.

I am not being rude, am just generally giving u an idea for the effort required.
With that said , good luck for the project. Maybe you can find someone experienced dev.
And in case if you can manage to increase the budget, msg me directly or mail me at shishir.best@gmail.com

I was thinking about this as I was cleaning my barn for Spring

I don’t think I could do this for less than $4,000 USD. I mean it’s a few weeks to develop. A week to drop in assets, adjust to other resolutions, start testing, fix bugs. Then the last week of final QA and preparing and uploading packages to app stores.


Well i need to think over it . It seems the budget needs to be higher as its online. Anyway will get back if we have a go ahead soon. Thanks for all your inputs

There are considerations for sure with online, random multi-player games :slight_smile:

Just pointing a budget and pitching project idea doesn’t give exact breakdown here, you need to define exactly what you are expecting in that budget or else your dev(awarded) or you might end up in pretty hasty and bad situation. Be clear and be specific in your requirements so that you know what you are asking for in a given budget and your dev(s) also knows what they need to deliver under that budget. Pre-planning = successful delivery


How you will support online?

There are a lot of frameworks out there, but I was considering how I would implement my own on the backend and poll the backend while injecting events to the client.