[PAID] Hiring cocos2d-x developer

[PAID] Hiring cocos2d-x developer


we are a startup company and we are hiring:

looking for a game developer to develop HTML games with the following experience:
must have experience with JavaScript
must have experience with Cocos Creator Or Html Lite version
must have at least 2 years experience in game development

for more information contact me and send me your portfolio.


What type of games are they? Can you share any details?


all kind of games, we start with simple casual games, and move to more complex games.
we are very flexible with our developer and let them create almost what they want, as long as we see this game have potential


post by mistake


Hello , My name is Wujingli.
I have a rich experience with Cocos Creator.
And I am very favorite with javascript and nodejs.
You can download my first game in https://fir.im/scxj. It requires a wechat account.
Best regards.