[PAID] Adding multiplayer feature to a cocos2dx game

[PAID] Adding multiplayer feature to a cocos2dx game
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Hello Devs,

I have a board game, it’s a Ludo game. Turn based online multiplayer feature is to be implemented.

I want to have following features:
fb login + guest login
worldwide random multiplayer with option of 2 players and 4 players separately
private room mode, playing with friends by inviting (2 to 4 players)
inapp chat features - not necessary but nice to have feature
Must work in both Android and iOS platforms.

My questions:

  1. Which one would be the best technology amongst GPGS, Photon, Appwarp and own server ? And why ? Please elaborate with reasonings/explanations.
  2. Will there be extra work for Android and iOS platform separately ? If I chose Android platform only, how much the time and cost will differ ?

I don’t have time to learn and implement the server side part myself. So, I’m looking for someone to handle this completely.
If any of you are interested and capable in doing the multiplayer part with above mentioned features, please let me know about the time and cost :slight_smile: . Thanks.