PageView not detecting TURNING event

PageView not detecting TURNING event

@slackmoehrle @smitpatel88 @bilalmirza We are implementing PageVIew, as shown in the below video when we swipe page it detecting TURNING event but when we turning page by clicking on the button in our case Data and Report are text button (not set Image) when we click on it we are calling below event, but as you can see in vide sometime it missing in case of button, we have set floating popup so you guys can get idea





Video is not visible.

me sorry i don’t know why you can not see it, but it’s playing automatically here for me on my PC, can you right click on it and download it?

here is link i guess now you can see it :slight_smile:

if you can not then right click on it and select copy url and open with new tab

In my ofc that website is not reachable anyhow.
I checked through my mobile data.
Are you guys using UIPageView?

Ohh you are right, I checked it on my phone and it is not showing,

yes, this one,

ui::PageView *pageView = nullptr;

okay, this is video link, We hope you can see it, so when popup show it means it detects turning, so the thing is happing like, the page is turning but listener miss some time (in case only when we turn the

page with ) in normal swapping it is not missing, you can see that in video too

yes, the video works now, at least for me.

okay, good, so can you please look at in and can you tell me what we are doing wrong, by the way that pageView is inside main pageView :slight_smile: if you need any other thing to understand this, we will provide it, When “in else 1” showing it mean we are swapping normally, and when it not poping up mean we are swapping with button