Override vertical layout for one of the child node

Override vertical layout for one of the child node

I have a container node with vertical layout (top-bottom). With lots of stacked nodes in it aligned perfectly vertically. And it is scrolling just like a normal chat app.

I would like to add an animation node to that container but not be shown on the bottom and I would like it to follow the positions (x, y) that I set. But this does not happen. The animation node goes to the bottom. I need it to be on top of all the child nodes of the container node.

Is there a way to achieve this?




Are you using Cocos2d-JS or Cocos Creator?



I am using cocos creator. We added the container with layout component.

Then the animation node is programmatically inserted to the container.



Ok I’ll change the category. You should pick Creator in the future.



Ok. Thanks.



you need reset the child node zIndex!(small zIndex will show on the top)
and then call:



Hi 11184, thanks. You mean all children of the container node I have to reorder the zIndex?

This will just arrange it in order but I would like one node to be like an overlay of the other nodes.

We have basically a chat app with new text appearing from the bottom just like any other chat apps. This is handled perfectly by the layout component.

We would need to add animations like a smiley face on a specific child node.
If I put the node as a child of that node, this is ok. I could animate nicely.
BUT the issue is when my animation is bigger than the node, it goes behind the node below it because of the layout issue.

So I would like to add the animation node directly to the container node but the animations follows the top-bottom of the container ending up with the animation animating at the bottom.



Hi, managed to do a workaround.

I have moved all my animations to the last child of the container node and adjust the position using convertToWorldSpaceAR then convertToNodeSpaceAR. This imitates like it is over a specific child but actually it’s parent is on the last child (top-bottom).

Hope it helped others with the same issue.