Open web build on phone

Open web build on phone

Hi there,

I created a Web Mobile of my project and I want to test it on my phone without the need to push it to a server at first. Is there a way to achieve this?
I thought of something like using my laptop as a server in my local network and connect to it with my phone, but unfortunately I never have done something like this before and I couldn’t find an useful answer on the web so far.

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In the build panel,

if you build web mobile can access your web mobile project by typing URL, in the red box on your phone.

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I already tried that but I always get a timeout if I enter the preview URL in my browser.
Are there some specific settings I should check?

Your device and PC need to be linked to the same network.

I thought so, and they are. But it’s still not working.

maybe is not the lan ip? if you’re on windows, check with ipconfig. you can select the ip to use from the cocos settings, it auto-detects all configurations.

also, try to open the port in the firewall.

Stupid me, I made my laptop not visible in the network. Sorry for bothering. Now entering the preview URL works fine :slight_smile: