Open source SpriteSheet Packer with GUI

Open source SpriteSheet Packer with GUI
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I fixed it and compile successfully. It’s time to test your great tool.


I am glad for you!
If to you it is not difficult, make pull requests with your changes, for other users of Linux.


@amakaseev is it using rotation for sprites? I just added sprite list same as I’m using currently in SpriteBuilderX and they fix 4096 texture, some on them are rotated. But in your packer all without rotation and probably thats why 1 sprite doesn’t fit into texture.

Probably you can check for ideas


Yes, I have turned off rotation.
Try include trimming and remove a space from sprite, then has to will be located.


But rotation is like very cool feature) you better use it.
I’m not talking specifically about my sprites and problem, not to fit. But about packers. I’m using SBX currently and it’s packer works really well, however it’s built in and having another packer is a very nice, so I just pointed to some thing it it, maybe to help make it better.


I have added this functionality: rotate sprites
try on the sprites, please


Sure, but I don’t have Qt installed. Can you please just build .dmg for macOS and I will love to test it.


I have updated release build


Ok, for one sprite list it helps. But next I’ve tried another list of sprites from SBX, which is fit in to 4096. But in your packer 1 sprite doesn’t fit again. I can’t give you these assets as example, because it’s from my unreleased game and I just can’t :slight_smile: but I believe you can check SBX algorithms for better packing, because SBX works really well, same as commercial texturepacker.


I carried out earlier many tests and an algorithm which I use showed very good results (at identical settings) on some pack ice even better than a texturepacker.

at me is in plans to connect different algorithms , but yet there is no time and need for it


Well, anyway TP and SBX built in packer can pack my sprites into 1, so there are still space for improvements :slight_smile:


for the sake of interest send me your sprites (changed in the photoshop, create an action which from to change and won’t allow to use, for example contrast on a maximum that they were one color) and the screenshot as TP has packed them, I will try to achieve the best result