Open source SpriteSheet Packer with GUI

Open source SpriteSheet Packer with GUI
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look in Extensions category to start with. There are many over the last years. Plus this list doesn’t include those that don’t post in that category.

My job is not to test 3rd party tools and decide to pin them or not so that our users are aware of the tools. Authors of these products post here if they want to.

We may be, but that doesn’t mean adults don’t get hurt feelings.

So you would want to scroll through 100 pinned posts before reaching new content? When we have 4-5 pinned topics I get told that this is to many and it detracts from the users experience.


@KAMIKAZE I agree with @slackmoehrle that there should be few, if any, pinned posts. The latest release makes sense. Anything beyond that prob is best left to the voting by the users based on the default rankings.

As for the games tools. If there’s not already a page I think it would be great if there was a page similar to the “games made with Cocos2D” where people could submit their tool for listing. I agree that it should be filled with only functional tools and if the cocos business wants to put their choices at the top, fine, but the list should include all user submitted entries.


Thanks to all for support, special gratitude - KAMIKAZE

Yes you are right
I will deal with this problem
as far as I remember I haven’t completed archiving of ccz


On github In your ticket about pvr.ccz I’ve posted some links that may be useful.


yes I looked but all magic is hidden in the pvrtc_compress function the source code of which I haven’t found
I will be engaged in it, perhaps the mistake in giving of basic data for PVRTexTool



  • Update pngquant
  • Removed webenginewidgets
  • Added forceSquared option
  • Added ETC2 and ETC2A pixel format
  • Complete pvr.ccz compressed file format
  • Created installer for Windows


Test please pvr works only with square textures and ETC2 and ETC2A for some reason doesn’t save
hangs in this place:

Transcode (pvrTexture, PixelType(ePVRTPF_ETC2_RGB), ePVRTVarTypeUnsignedByteNorm, ePVRTCSpacelRGB);


Hmm, however it’s very good to use not square textures. Actually SpriteBuilder creates squared already, but I want to save space and pack with any size texture, so I will not waste empty space.


I understand a benefit not of square textures, but there are limitations

  • Height and width must be a power of 2.
  • Height and width must be at least 8.
  • Must be square (height==width)

I will study in more detail this question but there is a suspicion that there will be only square textures


Unfortunately category “Editor and Tools” has turned into category where the majority of subjects about
Cocos Creator therefore to people anyway should waste 100 subjects to find others :slight_smile:


I don’t follow. Cocos Creator is an Editor/Tool.

What I mean was pinned topics like was mentioned. Nobody wants so many pinned topics.


I completely agree with you, but I wanted to tell another
When the user comes into Editors and Tools he sees only the subjects Cocos Creator, but not Editor(s) and Tool(s)

“none” but not “all” is perhaps necessary by default
Cocos Creater very good and big tool which creates too many topics in the general subject for all tools

but it only my personal opinion which has to seems to improve work of community Cocos2d


Ah, I see what you mean. Yes Creator is sort of hogging the category. I used to be more of a mix of Code IDE, Studio and user submitted tools.



  • Added WebP image format
  • Added content protection in pvrtc
  • Added support DXT1 DXT3 DXT5 pixel format and fixed ETC1(2)
  • Supported multi window added by TheCodez


Content protection of content same as well as in a TexturePacker


Great tool. I was wondering if it were possible to implement some small section that allows you to add custom properties to each sprite frame? Like say I want to add a unique “id” property to each frame so that when I export to json it appears as a key under the sprite frame (example: “filename”:“block1”, “id”: 1001).

I’m meddling around in the code but don’t have much experience with QT. Adding the extra GUI text boxes and my custom export format is easy, I’m just not sure which function to call to check which item in the SpritesWidgetTree is selected.


Thanks for a good response!

SpritesWidgetTree sends currentItemChanged signal
you need to remember information from the entry field
and further to transfer her to export


If not pinned, it should at least be mentioned in the docs.
At this page for example:
Under the subchapter “Tools for creating Sprite Sheets” add a list item to the list of tools named amakaseev’s sprite sheet packer with a link to the project’s page (


How can I compile source for using in linux? Thanks!


Yes, you can try to compile, but it will be necessary for you PowerVR Tools & SDK for Linux


I have an error S_IFDIR and S_IFREG undeclared. Did you have this error?


I have no Linux to check, but Google gives a lot of advice for the solution of this problem.
Sorry… :frowning: