Open source SpriteSheet Packer with GUI

Open source SpriteSheet Packer with GUI
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Thanks! I am glad if it is useful to someone



  • Generate atlas in thread
  • Added animation preview
  • Added updater
  • Created installer for MacOS

MacOS download
in the next few days there will be also Windows the version


Thanks! already downloaded :smiley:


Hi @amakaseev
Can you please tell if it supports conversion of one atlas data type to other?
See my post here: Convert texture .atlas file to .json format


I can do everything :slight_smile: or almost everything
whether it is only necessary for me


Hello @amakaseev, are you planning to introduce content protection schema like we have in texture packer, content protection is a must have feature to ensure proprietary rights. Looking forward to it.

BTW thanks for this amazing project :slight_smile:



Yes of course, can be already in the following updating

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just saw this project! Amazing! Why topic it isn’t pinned? Cool ppen source game engine need such cool too open source SpriteSheet Packer!

Polygon sprite meshes will be loaded and rendering will be optimised?
Also, I just open it and select pvr.ccz and got crash.


Because everyone would want their topic pinned.


I don’t understand you. This app is a special case - open source tool that widely used.


This app may be good, but it isn’t special compared to all other apps that users develop. There are many Spritesheet tools, paid and free.

I appreciate your opinions. I love receiving feedback. It helps us grow.


to all other apps

Which open source sheet packers do you mean?


We also outline a few here:

I imagine that Cocos Creator will eventually get good functionality here too.

I can add a link to this project in the doc I mention above too.


Lol really :slight_smile: ? Can you give a real example link to app with open source code please?
In docs there are too paid, one deprecated and one some air app that I will not use it anyway… bad user experience.


I think Texture Packer has a free version.

I added a link to this tool in our docs.


I don’t understand you thinking. You have open source game engine given for free.
Now some enthusiast developed open source tool for this engine, that is really needed, because everybody packing resources of their games.

Now, when I asked to pin it, so more people will see it, test it and maybe contribute with fixes and improvements - you said that TexturePacker - paid commercial product - has free demo version… Hmm…


I am saying that this project is not the only tool out there. You are saying it deserves special treatment because it is free and open source. My reply is that there are other tools paid and closed source, free and closed source, free and open source, etc.

I added a link to it in our docs. That is the best I can do.


From what you said - so this tool right from the start should be better than paid texture packer and with some additional options that better and free also and open-source - then maybe… maybe - you will pin it? Right?

ALso :

My reply is that there are other tools paid and closed source, free and closed source, free and open source, etc.
Can you post link for such open source sheet packer with guy that looks like texture packer?
Also, again here I don;t understand why you taking into account not open source and paid products?
All them out of category because this - free and open sourced.

You know, when you have enthusiasm to develop some free tool you would need users feedback that will inspire you and give strength to move on and develop best tool ever.


I said from the beginning that I won’t pin it.

If I pin this project, then do I have to pin every project that could be useful? How do I decide when to pin and not to pin? What if the author asks and the project isn’t good quality? Do I hurt their feelings and deny them? How many pinned posts do users want to have to scroll through before reaching non-pinned content?

I get that you think this project is amazing and others should use it. This is great. The project seems good too. I added a link to it in our Sprites chapter.


Link to example of such project’s?

By testing it, evaluate the quality and evaluate of future potential in the development, fixing and so on.

That’s not the case even, we are all adults.

This you talking about highly exaggerated. Not seriously. Are you have already pinned 100 titles?