Opacity, angle in particle at cocos 3.3.0

Hello. I’m using cocos 3.3.0.
I’m ussing cc.ParticleSystem (not ParticleSystem2d), now it’s don’t affect with opacity, angle … (I’m change it at parrent node).

How I can fix it?

Thanks you.

Do you have a code sample that the engineering team can evaluate?

Hi, are you modifying the rgba value of StartColor to control the opacity? Also are you modifying the StartRotation value to control the opacity? If so, it works fine on my end.

Sorry, I change angle ok with change render mode, but I want to tween UIOpacity component in parrent node to fade action, but it doesn’t work with ParticleSystem. How I can use UIOpacity to ParticleSystem?

UIOpacity is not suitable for changing 3D Particle.
Please use StartColor or ColorOverLifetimeModule to modify the opacity of the 3D Particle.