Online particle editor for Cocos2d-x

Online particle editor for Cocos2d-x

Effecthub integrated with Particle2dx now!
Awesome online particle editor for Cocos2d-x!

  • You can import or create new effect
  • You can export effect to desktop
  • You can upload effect to EffectHub Cloud and sale it
  • You can fork or download other’s effect from Effecthub
  • You can store your effects or textures in your EffectHub disk


Forked from Particle2dx

Nice, especially to see the Import function again! The original github repo kinda dropped it. It was there on the screenshots, but not on the UI. Do you know the reason for it?

Is there also a github repo of the fork?

I don’t know why author remove it… Actually you can drag-and-drop file into the canvas.
I contact with author and he agree with me that add EffectHub api in it. (EffectHub is a social community for game effect)
Now this tool has social feature including upload/download/fork other people’s effects!
Will add new branch when I have time:)

Add new feature:
could custom blend mode

Thanks for your share !