onEnterTransitionDidFinish != getRunningScene, bug?

onEnterTransitionDidFinish != getRunningScene, bug?

Hi, I noticed in onEnterTransitionDidFinish, the Director::getRunningScene is pointing to a temp transitionScene, and not the scene that is receiving the event.

Is this intentional? I would think getRunningScene should show the active scene, and not transition.

e.g in Director::setNextScene, we should set the nextScene before we call the transition scene OnExit

If you haven’t already done so, you should change it in your own local code, and run tests on it (including the scene related tests in cpp-tests), so you can at least verify if it’s correctly implemented or not.

Changes in that area of the engine would have an impact on everyone using the engine, so you would need to be 100% certain that what you’re suggesting is actually how it should be.

Sure, but before I fix at engine layer (I could fix at my logic side), I just want to ensure that this is a bug or design choice.