OnEnterTransitionDidFinish() called too early

OnEnterTransitionDidFinish() called too early
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Hello all,
I seem to be having issues with the call to Scene:onEnterTransitionDidFinish(). In my app, it seems to be getting called before the transition is fully completed. I am using the ‘TransitionFlipX’ transition, and call it using Director::getInstance()->replaceScene(). It all works fine, except it seems to reach Scene::OnEnterTransitionDidFinish() a frame or so early, causing the scene/image on screen to not be fully done being rotated/flipped into place. For some of my scenes, after OnEnterTransitionDidFinish() is hit, then the transition will finish itself and rotate the remaining amount into place, but for other scenes the scene will stay ‘almost rotated in’ (never finish rotating in). Either way, for ALL scenes, the OnEnterTransitionDidFinish() is called too early, whether or not the transition finishes itself after that. This does not seem to occur with most of the transitions, only the FlipX and FlipY ones, that I can tell so far. For example, none of the sliding or fading transitions seem to have this issue, and even the TransitionZoomFlipX seems to work fine. Unfortunately for me, I was really liking the look of the normal TransitionFlipX… except that it doesn’t finish.
Has anybody else encountered this issue, or have any suggestions to make sure that whole transition does indeed run to full completion?

Thanks ahead of time,
Cocos2dx 3.16 C++ - Win32/ios/android - all the same issue.