(oldversion 1.9.3) I can't show Label(macbook pro 2020)

I want to update a program working in an old version.(cocoscreato 1.9.3)

I changed macbook pro(2020) recently.
I play cocoscreator’s simulator(1.9.3).

If I use Use System Font, I found that Label is not displayed this screenshots in simulator.
※No problem if I appoint ttf-font file.

If I use macbook pro(2015) ,This phenomenon does not reappear.
Is there easy solution?

I want to update old application.
I would be grateful if someone teach me…

スクリーンショット 2020-06-30 22.25.21

This is the log when simulator starting up.

preview server running at http://localhost:7456


Simulator: WORKAREA WIDTH 1920.00, HEIGHT 1035.00

Simulator: FRAME SCALE = 1.00


Simulator: {

Simulator: gl.supports_OES_map_buffer: false

Simulator: gl.supports_vertex_array_object: true

Simulator: cocos2d.x.version: Cocos2d-x-lite v1.8.2

Simulator: gl.vendor: Intel Inc.

Simulator: gl.supports_PVRTC: false

Simulator: gl.renderer: Intel(R) Iris(TM) Plus Graphics OpenGL Engine

Simulator: cocos2d.x.compiled_with_profiler: false

Simulator: gl.max_texture_size: 16384

Simulator: gl.supports_ETC1: false

Try changing overflow property of the label.
Also try making the height larger than font size.

If possible, move to latest version, just my two cents.