nVidia Nsight Graphics

nVidia Nsight Graphics

Just thought I’d share a very useful tool that I discovered recently. It helped me track down what was causing so many draw calls in my game. It quite literally shows you what is being drawn per draw call, along with a lot of other golden bits of information.

NVIDIA Nsight Graphics utility

I’m not sure if it works on graphics cards that aren’t made by nVidia.


We also use this for gpu debugger tool and it’s very useful.

This seems interesting. I’d love to run it against cpp-tests. But you need an nVidia graphics card if I am reading this correctly. I see they have a Linux version. The first step is installing the nVidia drivers. @R101

The only Linux installation I have is on the Raspberry Pi, so I can’t be much help at the moment with running it against cpp-tests for Linux, but on Windows it’s trivial. This utility has worked wonders for me so far, and I’m only using the draw call functionality, but all of this is done on a Windows 10 development machine.

Does cpp-tests have any specific issues you need to test for? From memory, most of the tests are optimized in terms of draw calls, but if it’s purely for curiosity’s sake, then it’s quite interesting to see exactly what is in the video memory, like images & shaders, what OpenGL calls have been sent through etc etc.

@R101 Yup curiosity.
But you need an nvidia card right?

@slackmoehrle I honestly don’t know about the requirement of having graphics driven by nVidia hardware, which is why I mentioned it in my initial post.

I do have a Mini Mac with Windows on it, and I 'm pretty sure it’s using an Intel 4000 graphics chip, so I’ll test and get back to you.

Yep, tested it, and no luck with the Intel graphics chip. A core requirement is the nVidia Display Driver. :frowning:

Ok cool. I think I have one machine with an nvidia in it