Nothing happens while using PluginSdkboxPlay submitScore and showLeaderboard

Nothing happens while using PluginSdkboxPlay submitScore and showLeaderboard
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I’m using cocos creator, my objective is to show leaderboard in my game. After integrating plugin ‘PluginSdkboxPlay’,
I’m using 'sdkbox.PluginSdkboxPlay.submitScore( leaderboard1, this.score )’ to submit score after game over and also I’m using 'sdkbox.PluginSdkboxPlay.showLeaderboard( leaderboard1 )’ to view leader board. But nothing happens in my android. After successful build and compile I’ve installed the apk and I’m testing on my mobile.
Can Someone please help me out.
Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

Uncaught ReferenceError: sdkbox is not defined

@yinjimmy can you please help me with this…!
I published my app for alpha testing, I don’t know why my game score is not submitted and can’t view the leaderboard.
Waiting for your reply.
Thanks and regards.
kranthi kota


Can someone please help me out with this?


Do you see any error message in logcat? can you post them? it’s likely that your account is not a testing account


Sorry nite I don’t know what logcat is…
I’m new to cocos.
By the way I added myself in the testing list…


did u add services in your google play console


Yeah… And in the play games app I can see my leader board under the game but it says no scores are submitted yet.


I’ve only one app in my console and I’ve linked that to the services, Save games in services is turned on.
And my google a/c is added to both the Alpha testing list and in the Play services testing list too…
Target & Compile SDK is 25.
I’ve double check the file, “SDKBOX.init(this);” is Okay.
Also I re checked my AppDelegate.cpp to make sure all the JS bindings registered.
I don’t know what I’m missing…


i am having a similar problem. i see achievements and leaderboard populated but when i use, sdkbox.PluginSdkboxPlay.showLeaderboard( leaderboard1 ), nothing happens. did you find a fix for your problem?



whats the value?

sdkbox.PluginSdkboxPlay.showLeaderboard( "leaderboard1" )


Hope this helps…

@freshprince also please recheck your sdkbox_config.json for correctness.