Normal maps does not seems to work on 2.2.0


I added a 3d plain, directional light, and point light to the scene.
In the plain material I setup the “builtin-phong” just for the test.
I set under the diffuse an image of a roulette wheel, and under normal I setup its normal map.
The normal map was generated with sprite illumination program (tried SpriteBump too).
It looks like the normal does not work at all. However, other properties like emissive, specular and glossines are working just fine. Do I missed something?

I am attaching my images:

Please note, I tried bump-map and normal map. none of them work… :frowning:

Any help with this?

The shader is not using the normal map, you can check that out in the built-in-phong shader compiled version. You can fix the shader or just wait for it to get fixed by the engine team.

Thanks a lot… Hope version 2.3.0 will contain the official shader.

You should be able to create a copy of the shader and fix the problem yourself.

I don’t know how to fix normal map problem. Can you show the solution? Which line should I fix and how can I do?

v2.3 have fixed this issue, but your model need to include tangent information

When do we have 2.3?

Still not working. I am using version 2.4. the latest one. My 3d object goes black when I am adding the normal map