Non-Visible phenomenon of user setting layer

Hello, I upgraded to cocos creator 3.6.1 this time.

What I found out after doing this is that in the past, if I set the user’s custom layer in Project Setting, I could set Visability in Camera Component, but now, even if I set the layer, it is not displayed on the camera.

Is there any other way to do this?

Especially in Android, the User Layer is not shown.

try this.

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This time we upgraded to version 3.6.2. Nevertheless, it is not shown on the screen when set to the corresponding user layer in android. how should i solve this?

Can you first check whether the visibility of the camera contains the layer that needs to be displayed? Also, after the project is upgraded, you can try to delete the project’s cache temporary file (library\temp\local) and re-open the editor will be automatically generated.
Finally, if none of the above solve your problem, can you provide us with a test project and we will test it?