Node with convex mesh collider and rigid body disappearing after number of collisions

Hello Devs,

Here’s my scenario…

  • Create a torus with mesh collider with checked convex flag. Disabled Z axis of linear velocity in rigid body.
  • A sphere collider in the middle of screen with static rigibody
  • Box collider boundaries so torus doesn’t go out of view area

here’s the video (skip to last 10 seconds) : physics bug - YouTube

I am moving the body in script on onTouch systemEvent like this,

        let screenWidth = view.getViewportRect().width;
        let isRight = touch.getLocationX() > screenWidth/2;


        let v = new Vec3();
        v.x= clamp(v.x,-this.maxVelAllowed,this.maxVelAllowed);
        v.y= clamp(v.y,-this.maxVelAllowed,this.maxVelAllowed);
        v.z = 0;

I have debugged whatever I could. Checked all components, everything seems to be present. I also tried resetting the position and clearing all velocities.
Kindly help me with this blocker.


Hi, could you give an reproduce demo?

Hello Jiaxin,

Thanks for responding. Here’s the project :

Open it using cocos creator 3.2.


I tried many times and it was very difficult to reproduce this problem, and I couldn’t get a clear cause of the problem. But it seems that there is a division by zero, which may be the same as you set the position every time.

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No problem. Thanks for your time man!! appreciated. I will create a new project. Hopefully it should work fine. I will update you guys if I find something. Thanks.