Node.position.set() doesn't have affect

Hi all. I noticed when I am trying set position by node.position.set() it doesn’t have any affect.
Just node.setPosition() works.

Do you mind sharing the codes?

Position is Vec3 and, if I’m not wrong, you can directly assign a Vec3 value.

And also, did you correctly pass the parameters when you called set() method? Check that method’s signature here

Hi, thanks for replay.
I am trying to use not static “set” method:

so as you can see node isn’t moving on the screen, also in console this vector still in zero values.

I think, it’s a static method of Vec3.
So we can call it from any Vec3 instance.

Try this.

let newPos = new Vec3(100, 100, 0);
this.node.position.set(this.node.position, newPos);

No, there is also not static method as I see:


and if I try to set one of axis like here:
this.node.position.x = 100;

it also doesn’t work.

I see. Can you try with the latest 2.4.0?

Same behavior with 2.4.0