Node event ACTIVE_IN_HIERARCHY_CHANGED isn't working

Hi all. I am trying to use “ACTIVE_IN_HIERARCHY_CHANGED” event to check in a node is active in hierarchy, but it call my callback only once, then if I check this one it console, it has activeInHierarchy = false, but callback wasn’t call for this:

nodeClone.on(Node.EventType.ACTIVE_IN_HIERARCHY_CHANGED, () => { = nodeClone.activeInHierarchy;


now logs:

As you see one node has activeInHierarchy = false, but a callback wasn’t called for this:

in console, only previous console logs with activeInHierarchy = true.

Cocos creator 3.4.0

I can ask engineering to have a look.

This problem is due to the fact that when the same state is set repeatedly, the event is not dispatched.

If you switch states it will always trigger.

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