No product data when calling sdkbox.IAP.refresh() on Android

No product data when calling sdkbox.IAP.refresh() on Android


My game can’t get product information using sdkbox on Android.

I’ve registered 7 in-app items on google developer console.
All items have been activated.
And all settings done in sdkbox_config.json file.(6 consumable and 1 non-consumable).

When calling sdkbox.IAP.refresh(), callback method ‘onProductRequestSuccess(products)’
called successfully.


No product data in ‘products’ array parameter exist like this:

jswrapper: JS: [SDKBOX]:: IAP Catalog success:products=[{“transactionID”:"",“receiptCipheredPayload”:"",“receipt”:"",“price”:"",“currencyCode”:"",“description”:"",“title”:"",“id”:“item.pack1”,“priceValue”:0,“name”:“item_pack1”},

empty title, price, currentCode and description.

only product ID and name exist!!

How can I solve this problem? Please help me~~~~


I’ve finally solved this problem.
Solution is as followed:

  1. IAP Tester should be registered as ‘Tester’ in Alpha or Beta test app page.
  2. ‘Tester’s URL’ should be sent to him and he should click google store link to download test app in his email.
  3. Only downloaded test app can access to product information and purchase service.


sdkbox will update the IAP doc checklist for this issue.