No Keyboard response with the Star Chaser Game

I am using Cocos Creater v1.5.2 on a Windows 8 Notebook computer. I am trying to create the first Star Chaser game sample in the Beginners Tutorial. I am stuck trying to move the Player left and right. The purple monster is bouncing up and down just fine. But the game inside my web browser does not seem to recognize my keystrokes. I did click on the web page screen with the mouse. I did try different browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome and Edge. I did download the completed version of the game for comparison and verification. The completed version also did not work. I re-read the setup section and programming section to see if I missed something. My face left an imprint in the solid brick wall. Any help pointing me in the right (or left) direction will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I’d surely upgrade from 1.5.x unless you have a really compelling reason for staying so far back in versions.

I downloaded direct from Visual Studio. I did not realize that I was out of date. Thanks.

Problem solved. I broke my own cardinal rule. Never assume. Always verify.

Thanks for your help.

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