NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance

NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance

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I can’t install Cocos2d-x on my pc. I have extracted “Python”. But, when I type “” or “setup” on cmd, it says that something’s missing or python can’t be recognized. What can I do now to install Cocos2d-x?

  1. make sure you are using Python 2.7

  2. what you are missing seems unrelated to Cocos2d-x, I think. I dont recognize it.

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Hi! Do you know a proper way how to use several nested ScrollViews?


Hello to all of our new developers!

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What have you tried this far? The general concept is to create your ScrollView objects and use one as a parent and the rest as children or parents to other children, it really depends on how many you you have and their relationship to each other.


Main idea to make something similar to Netflix web menu with movies, when you have one big vertical scroll view and many nested horizontal scroll views. I tried to play with scroll views in cocos creator and I noticed that I can’t scroll vertically when I pressing down on nested horizontal scroll view. Probably I need to modify code of ScrollView or make some workaround for this. I planing to use C++ with scenes generated in Cocos Creator. Can you suggest something where I need to look or what can I try to do to get such specific behavior of ScrollView?
I tried find similar topic here but they are without answer what can solve my problem.


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