NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance

NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance


Please help me a lot.


Hi! Happy to be a part of this community!


Hi! I want to make games with cocos :wink:


I am new to cocos family. I hope everyone will cooperate and help each other


Hi,Cocos creator,Cocos2d-x


Hi, here for cocos creator/cocos2dx


Hi, I’m very new to code and prepping to be a technical animator for Cocos2dx projects. I’m curious if I can use Cocos Creator to open/edit Cocos2dx projects? I’m hoping its a case where at least within some version is should work, and I expecting some cocos creator things might not be friendly to cocos2dx if i kicked it back to the primary coders? My goal is mainly to test and augment any issues with animation and visuals for games, and Cocos Creator seems ideal with it’s GUI and editor.

Any advice?


Not like you would think. You can use Creator to create a UI and export to Cocos2d-x. You cannot open a Cocos2d-x project in Creator.


ok thanks!


Hi! This is it! I’m new in Cocos Creator, but it is very fascinating!


Hi, i’m thankful for being here c: , i’m hope to help and be helped.


Hi,Cocos creator


Hi, Everyone


Howdy to all our new developers!


Hi, I’m just writting this reply, because I need to write new topic :wink:


Hi, just started trying out Cocos! And now joining the community :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m new here and wondering if Cocos is really capable of making good games for production?


Hi, I’m new here :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m new here and excited to code my first game.


Hello to all our new developers! I guess you should start coding…