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The old cocos2d forums don’t exist anymore. They were decommissioned a few years ago.

But I did add an obj-c category here at that time so folks have a specific place to ask their questions about it.

I’m not talking about some old forums, I mean these exact forums that we are in right this moment. 90% of the time they wont show up on iPad, all that comes up is a white screen. It doesnt matter if I am in Safari or Chrome on iPad. This has been going on for a while now, from all different providers, even from different states.

Oh. I see. You said cocos2d. That’s an old engine version before cocos2d-x.

I’ll try on my iPad today.

@mark0x01 interesting, I cannot reach these forums on my iPad either… I’ll look at this issue, later this week.

Heyhey, currently working on a game which is going real good. Just need one question answered but I cannot create a topic yet.

Hello! Just trying to get some help with my cocos project so i’ll be poking around the forums today. Excited to get to know the community!

Welcome to our new users!! I hope you enjoy our forums.

I am not a bot.

Hello everyone

Welcome to our new developers!

Hi guys! Nice content!

Welcome @jlodnk to our forums.


Hi, I have been using cocos-2D-JS for almost an year now. Decided to create an account now to try cocos creator and I have some questions

Posting a Hi in this thread

Howdy to our new developers! Welcome!

Hi! I’ve been frequenting these forums for the past two weeks for a project I’m doing using Cocos2d-x… I have a question about some of my code, so I got an account to ask for help! I probably won’t be very active in giving advice because I’m very new to Cocos2d-x, but I hope I can contribute to the community in a positive way!

Posting hello here!

Welcome to our new developers!!

Hello cocos forums!

hey, just getting started with cocos creator. it’s great so far!