NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance

NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance


Hi, cocos creator have a lot of potential but the documentations are or unclear, or out of date or inexistant so you need to really work on that point :slight_smile:


Where are you looking? Our docs are not outdated. They may need more info in places but they are built for each and every release.

Edit: I see from your other post you are trying to implement SDKBOX with Cocos Creator and running into some issues. I have tagged an engineer to take a look.


Hi, thanks for your reply.
Nearly 3 months ago when i started learning cocos creator, every google search i’ve made about how to use this or that in creator bring me mostly to some chinese manual (on github or other websites) that after being translated explain what i searched for but for old version, and i was pretty sure they are official doc according to the way they were written. Now, these docs doesn’t show up in my search result anymore since only the english result that i often open does, but i guess they are still there?
And sorry for my bad english.


Our docs are here.


Post a Hi in this thread.


Hi cocos2d-x


Welcome everyone! Let’s make some games.


Hello, everyone!

As suggested in the original post - passing by and saying hi. I am relatively new into game development, and have not touched neither Lua, nor JavaScript so far, but I cannot wait to do so in the nearest future to script properly!

The only games I made were small projects for learning purpose and they were done in Python, using *arcade and *pygame libraries.

And of course I am looking forward to join this awesome community. Happy NY and CNY!


Hi? Hi
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Hello. I am new to the community and have so much to learn. I am actually a high school teacher trying to help my students utilize their new understanding of coding (using javascript) to code a game they have designed. We have been researching different game engines and thought this sounded like a great option.


Awesome. Nice to meet you. Please feel free to reach out if you need anything.

Are you using Cocos Creator?


I’m trying to download it right now. The .7z file through me off. It’s downloading now.

Question: Do I have to use visual studio to work here? If so, why use cocos instead of just using visual studio?

I mean … other than the AWESOME community here. =0)


@matthew7warner For Cocos Creator you would not use Visual Studio. Did you see this someplace? If so please tell me where.


I’ll see if I can find that page again and screen shoot it.


@matthew7warner Thank you, I want to make sure we correct anything needed.


Hi how are you doing?


Hi, God give me permission for posting new topic :slight_smile:


This is the sign I saw that mentioned having visual studio.


@matthew7warner Got it. Thank you.

Yes, we work together with Microsoft to use Cocos Creator with Visual Studio. If you want to target Windows, then you need Visual Studio. If you are targeting the web you do not need Visual Studio. If you are targeting Android but using Windows as your host OS you do not need Visual Studio.


Thank you for the feedback.