New to our Forums? Why can't I post?

New to our Forums? Why can't I post?
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Did you not get an e-mail when you registered?

The tactic is interesting, on our old forums we had way more SPAM. These simple tactics do weed out SPAM and also, Discourse has a lot of settings we can tweak as well.


I got an email to activate my account, but nothing stating the leveling/first post rule. Not that it would be noticed in that email. Most people probably open an activation email and their eyes dart to the link and nothing else gets read. A separate email welcoming the user to the forum and explaining that rule would be useful (although I probably wouldn’t have opened that either haha). A popup/modal would definitely help! Anyways, glad to join and looking forward to playing around with the framework!



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I have just joined 15 mins. How can I post a topic to get help ?


You should have gotten a “Welcome” e-mail.

Or look here


Okay, now I see, why I cannot post a new topic!!! :grin: The reason being for registering was to ask a question.


and you should have received a Welcome e-mail telling you how to post a new topic… or look here


hello. I can’t find any information about how link cocos studio exported json files with cocos2d js project


Can you explain more? From Cocos Studio, you need to publish your changes.


Would be nice if there was some indication on your account that this was the case…


The indication is in the e-mail you receive when you sign up…


same thooo


Remember, here also tells you about leveling up.


As a newbie, I’m interested in posting a question about the version numbers of tools I should use for a new cocos2d-x C++ Android project. I don’t see any recent posts on this topic, so I’m replying here to earn the ability to start a new topic.


Level up attempt?


i have an error while running example project on android studio can you pls fix sir


How can I fix when you don’t tell us what is wrong?


Why can’t I post a new thread?


Please read the body of this topic. There might be a link that explains it :slight_smile: