New Strategy Game API - Volunteer to Try?

New Strategy Game API - Volunteer to Try?
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Hello. All

I am building a new Strategy game API which uses Box2D and Cocos2dx

I wish to make it a open source contribution to the coco2dx community

Is anyone interested in following along, trying it from time to time and giving feedback.

Its my 4th year project and I just want to make something that allows us make simple strategy games quickly and easily

Anyone who wished to take part will receive much good luck from Ireland

Its been written and tested on win32, XCode and Android Studio

My first release will be in few weeks , where many things can be tested


Little Image of Default HUD so far


This sounds awesome!


Yes - So many coders online have helped me so much. Hopefully someone will find this useful and fun :slight_smile:


Hello! It really sounds awesome!
Give us more details. :smile:
What are the main features? What kind of strategy you can build with this?
Is a tower defense considered as a strategy? :confused:


I do not like tower defense games. I like real time strategy like Command & Conqueror, Age of Empires. I’m trying make tools to build games like that with a single touch(Finger) as only input.

I have maybe 200++ hours to invest left.

As for features, the buttons kinda tell the story. Groups, Formations, add unit, select units, make groups, delete groups, list groups, dynamic avoidance, move units, group attributes(reach target? go around blob or through, bottle neck limit, things like this)

I want to try make commands and simple features like CnC available pretty much. Or as close to that as time allows with mobile in mind


Oh, I have never been good at these games. My best record is 15 minutes before… I lose. :smile:


It can be used for tower defense also obviously. I think. Idea is make a flexible API for using for many hings. You simple implement your own turn based game flow.

Would you be interested in having a look in few weeks. I’ll write up easy to read and easy to follow API webpage… Ill make it all as easy as possible with good detail


I could help with testing from time to time, but I’m not a good player anyway.
PM me if you need anything and I will see if I can help.


Hey, seems interesting. I could help testing the api by implementing some demo on top of it.

Are you planning on adding Multi-player support or some online features?


I would help in testing, looking forward to it.


Ok So I am kinda finishing up my fourth year project. I did my best with the time I had available. This entire concept and idea was all new to me and I suppose I did learn a lot. The first two formations are working , the circle and line are not finished yet. I suppose it would just be fun have a little look and go. So if anyone is interested give me your git email and ill add you to the repository. It will just be Resources and Classes folder. Feed back will be well received. I think this project has a long way to go before it can be properly used professionally. Its like the first prototype , and concept


Also if people do have a look , please comment here about it and if you think its kinda cool idea etc and can be useful as I will direct my lecturers and markers to this tread to view my feedback !!


where can I take a look? there’s no link


Can I have your git repo name

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