[NEW KETCHAPP GAMES] Made with Cocos2d-x

[NEW KETCHAPP GAMES] Made with Cocos2d-x


I wanted to showcase our with Ketchapp released games made on Cocos2d-x.

So everyone can see that you can do cool games with cocos2d-x framework.

For most SDK integrations we using SDKBOX, we hope it will be more stable in future :smile:

All games are available on Android & IOS.

  1. Ketchapp Basketball:
  1. Ketchapp Football:

  2. Ketchapp Summer Sports:


Aha! I saw your post on facebook for Summer Sports and I liked it. Any plans to put it on android!
Can you plz give android links :smile: (EDIT: I searched and found all your games on android. Will try them soon)

I liked your consistency of graphics in all apps. I think it’s done by one or may be 2 people only :smiley:

Also, I see that you’ve humongous amount of downloads. No doubt, Ketchapp gives you lot of downloads but does ketchapp let you earn money? I mean Google Apple takes 30% (I think), Ketchapp also takes 30% and remaining is just 40% I suppose. And for 40% to be good enough, monetization should be good. If you find some free time, can you please share some monetization experience?

Do you work in team? I’ve made some prototypes in past and just 2 unpublished complete games. Now, I am working on a simple game with motive to publish it in 1-2 months. Your some tips/experience might help. I am hobbyist(passionate and would like to make it as my full time job someday) and games likes yours give motivation that we can also do good and great. Also, can you share few words about marketing our game. I am one person team and thinking to publish it through not my name but a self created brand name(may be not with ketchapp).
Not my name bcoz I feel that people remember cool names, so I am thinking to keep a good/easy to remember brand name.

I like your apps. Great work :smile:

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Thanks for feedback. We are working in team as it is easier to develop games - my recommendation would be if you are developer find designer to help you make beautiful graphics and try to make feel of the game.

If you have good application, with good retention - you should be able to monetize it, if app is not that good - then downloads count not matter - you will not be able to monetize it enough. Also try to find publisher if game is good - publisher is always good start and new experience


I think I can design pretty decent graphics and code as well, not very good but decent. So, right now, I am sticking to make 1-3 games myself as finding friend with good skills in graphic is difficult and outsourcing will make me give fees upfront.

Also regarding monetization, do you think that going through ketchapp publisher(I only know this one which publishes simple but excellent game), is good idea. I mean, our identity becomes secondary and also we get 50% of what we earn.

In SDKBOX, what do you think can help us earn more revenue. Like, I’ve read about google admob, the conversion to revenue per click is low as compared to others. Can you plz share, what things can we use or you’re using in SDKBOX.

Lot of things, I suppose I’ll learn while/after publishing game. :smile:
Do, you’ve a website? I would like to follow you guys. You did really great work with your all 3 apps and are motivation. Do, you market your games personally or ketchapp takes care of it.

Thanks :smile:

With Designer help it could be much faster. With publisher you have more chances that you will earn something :smile: As publishers usually do all promotion stuff.

For monetization I would recommend to use mediation like Fyber -> and setup Admob and Facebook Ads inside for mediation.

We now updating our site, so you can check there it: http://estoty.com/

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Good work, guys.
As I can see from your portfolio your earlier games have more complicated mechanics than these three. Does this mean that the development of such games is less profitable than the development of Ketchapp-style game?

You have the good games. Really everything was very bad without a publisher?

Yes, we worked before on different style games, some more successful some less.

Biggest issue is to get noticed in Stores and get featured - without it your chanced to get downloads is quite low. With publishers usually it is easier as they have users and you can be featured in stores.

I understood you. Thanks for the answer!

I downloaded all 3 games of yours and they’re really simply but addictive enough.
In Ketchapp Soccer, I scored highest as 75 in 20 sec time limit mode… That was insane though :smiley:

I wanted to ask you one thing. In cocos2d-x, we do can take screenshots of the game but I noticed that several games, also yours, nowadays are allowing users to share image of the game showing score. And this image isn’t really the screen capture but how it’s done? Can u plz tell.

Thanks :slight_smile:


For screenshot there is function in cocos visit which renders current frame, so you can add/move/hide elements for this frame when screenshot will be made and then return everything back. Something like this.

 //Show labels whatever you using.

 //Hide labels whatever you used.

http://www.cocos2d-x.org/wiki/Render_To_Texture check this one sample


I’ll try it. Thank you.

Also, in the games, do you pack just one graphic set (I mean simply high quality graphics) or you keep 2-3 different folders according to low definition, standard definition and high definition?

I’ve themes in my games, eg- If I’ve 12 themes in my game then I’ll have to pack those particular graphics 12x3 times(ld, sd, hd). So, I am thinking to split my app in 2 parts. Low +Std definition(ld+sd) and High Definition(hd) while uploading on play store. :stuck_out_tongue: I know, the best would be to download from server but I am not this much proficient right now to implement server so I’ve to pack with apk itself.

I’ve never published any game before.
What do you think about this? :slight_smile:

Great Games !
few questions …
How do you approach publishers ?
How long it take you to build + test the games ?
Which version of cocos do you use ? any problems you had ?

We using 3 different resolutions sd, hd, hdr. For Android splitting could work.

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How do you approach publishers ?
Just create great app and you will find way to publishers.

How long it take you to build + test the games ?
Each game was developed in 1month, it was pretty fast but took also much time from our side.

Which version of cocos do you use ? any problems you had ?
We used 3.9+, now using 3.11.1 - planning to move on 3.13.1 when all bugs fixed there and SDKBOX works correctly with it. Biggest problems with cocos was SDKBOX unknown crashes on different Android version so we decided to stick with version 3.11.1 while we know which bugs there is and nothing new will not appear after update.

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Thanks !
Why wont you just implement native ad delegators ? or ad api , without using SDKBOX?

For IAP and Leaderboards it is little to much work on both platforms.

Hi energyyy How did you manage to find the bugs on different android versions? You test on multiple emulators! I think ads won’t work on emulators, isn’t it.

For android splitting could work means? You mean publishing 2 or 3 separate apps is a better way!
Bcoz HDR is gonna increase lot of size plus if I pack it for armeabi, armeabi-7a, and x86, it will increase the apk size by 3(sd, hd, hdr)x3(arm, arm7a, x86)=9 times.

Is it good?

For bugs , we using Crashlytics and see most of bugs there.

For spliting I mean multiple APK’s can be uploaded in google store under same app and then based on user Phone configuration can be downloaded specific apk - check in google advanced apk stuff for google play.


HI… I’m interested to buy the code of soccer …

Pinapple pen is also powered by cocos? :slight_smile: Do you use cocostudio or another kind of editor for ui and animations ?