Needed cocos2d-x developer (Job)

Needed cocos2d-x developer (Job)
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Hi, we are a start-up game company in Indonesia which focus on mobile game.
We need cocos2d-x developer especially version 3.0
We offer you two options of payment:

  1. Cash USD 1000 at the end of project, or
  2. Royalty share 15%
    The source code you made will belong to our company and you have to give it in the end of project.
    Otherwise, we won’t pay you anything.
    But you have the rights to resell it in without using our asset which are protected by trademark to prevent illegal use.
    Any developer interested, please PM me!


nobody interested???




Hello gOzaru, does your company have a website or facebook page? I prefer to have a better understanding of your company before making a decision.


We are a start-up company. We don’t have any website or facebook yet.
We want to focus on mobile game first, PC game later.
Oh yeah, we decided to give royalty share 15%.
The payment USD 1000 will be canceled because of some problems.
If you are worried that we would fool you and did not give your share, no problem.
We won’t do it. We will post our nett sales in our website we make later so you may know.
We will send your share via paypal or western union each time reach USD 1000.


It is better if you have experienced in 3D mobile game. Just about programming.
The assets will be done by us.


It might be best to not discuss and/or disclose payment arrangements and/or profit sharing here on this site. If you want to post the job, OK. But lets keep the rest of the communication off these forums.


sorry. I would not repeat it again. ty slackmoehrle


Hello, I am interested in your post. I have 2.5 experience in cocos2d-x game development.
we can discuss in PM , my email id is