Need your game play for GDC video! (Time sensitive)

Need your game play for GDC video! (Time sensitive)
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Merchants and Mercenaries available on steam early access


@slackmoehrle hey! were you able to put together a video?


Not yet. I have materials to someone else on the team.


Actually now I am going to make this video.


I don’t know if this trailer would fit your needs, because gameplay is shown off-screen. I can send you a gameplay video recorded from the device’s screen, but still don’t know if that would be useful because the game works in portrait (vertical) mode. Let me know and I’ll upload you a gameplay video if you need it!


Hi everybody!

@slackmoehrle Check out our Steam trailer:


I remember this game being the most eye-candy game made with Cocos2d-x:


@iPruch Thanks! we still haven’t released this game but we are close. check out our website


@b12345 yeah, this will work. Do you mind if I use it? Do you have any footage that is just normal game play, not trailer oriented?


Fab! How did you do the water? :heart_eyes: love it.


@slackmoehrle ill send you normal gameplay footage by tomorrow. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks. Please do! Your eye candy will be my centerpiece.


@slackmoehrle hey, here is the link to the gameplay video.

if you need more footage of other bosses/sidekicks/weapons do let me know.


We got a game but still in progress. not sure if you can call it an eye candy but here it goes.


Thanks. It sort of has a Limbo feel to it crossed with Braid


@slackmoehrle hey! can you post the GDC video please :smiley: