Need your game play for GDC video! (Time sensitive)

Need your game play for GDC video! (Time sensitive)
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We are making a video for GDC that shows snippets from games made with Cocos2d-x.

If you have video footage of your game and would be ok with us showing a snippet of it at GDC please contact me asap. I need footage within the next 1-2 days.



I recently made a couple of videos for my game JEX:



Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 2:

If you think they could be useful I would share a link to a dropbox folder.


Here is the link:

Second tutorial is still uploading but should be there soon.

Use it as you like, no restrictions.



It will be a pleasure see my game in your video!

Tons Of Bullets

if you are interested, please, contact me for a better quality video



I have a super minimalist puzzle game I’m about to release, there’s a trailer here:


I can remove the music track if you need. Wish I could give you some stuff from the next game but it’s just not ready yet.


I think I can use a few pieces from the trailer.


There are pieces that I can use of yours too. I remember your game from a few months ago. Can you get me a file to download?


I could upload raw uncut material without the music too. Just tell me if you need something.


I can use pieces from yours as well. What is the license for the music? I think I could also use the music as well for my whole project!


Here’s the website I got it from, as long as you give credit you should be fine:


Sent you a message on your email bro. Hope it can help. Thanks.



@stevetranby nice!!



Scuba Steve:


Loopy Roads:

Bloody Pixel Zombies:


Evolution Defense: Orc Rush


BumSquad Team Viet Nam



There’s some good stuff in here, you guys are talented. I need to get back in the dungeon and hone my skills.


BumSquad GamePlay Viet Nam