Need Help starting with 3D game

Need Help starting with 3D game
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I have developed 2d games in cocos2dx but wanted to start with 3D games but can’t find any useful resource or example, even the Fantasy Warrior is in lua and not in c++. I looked into the test examples but they also look scattered and also very slow like in Scene 3D example, character could hardly move on. Moving terrain in Terrain example is also not smooth.
I could’t even make a decision about if I should continue with this engine for 3D games.
Please explain if this engine is ready for 3d game development and if yes suggest resources to start with.


Fantasy Warrior is a good example to look at, you can convert the lua to c++


To be honest, don’t waste time on our immature 3D. The refined 3D formwork may come out in 17’Q4 or later. But today, for 3D mobile games, you can choose Unity3D directly.


Its pretty easy to get started with 3D in cocos2d-x. Just look at the wiki pages that explain basic things to get you started.

We have done a 3D endless car game. Would have probably been lot easier to use unity though