Need help getting started with Cocos2d-x to build for iOS & android

Need help getting started with Cocos2d-x to build for iOS & android
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The Android equivalent to Game Center would be Google Play Games:

Sorry for the misunderstanding. The option is only for cocos compile, so you can specify which build system to use.

cocos new should create all eight project folders for you by default.

The versions I’m currently using:
Cocos Console 2.1

Which version do you have? Can you create a new project and check, which project folders are created?


Latest. And I have a lot of problems already as its really buggy and almost nothing just compiles and work. Info here - Prebuilt generation not working in 3.13.1 and 3.11.1 :slight_smile:

Sure, I’m doing this many times already.


Pleas post the commands you entered in both cases.


Ah, sure :slight_smile: :


cocos new UseLibs -p -l cpp -t binary

and 2nd

cocos new UseFullSourceCode -p -l cpp


Firstly you can’t use game center on android platform. You may use google play service.

Sorry.I just had read your last post.

You always need to use official native plugin to add some services. SDKBOX Game Center solution(or smilar solutions) is just wrapper of official Game Center plugin. But ok, I understood you.

@iQD Thanks. Actually my mainly language option is c++ for game development. But I will try it for my future project. @slackmoehrle the discussion ended right now, sorry :smiley:


It seems that the binary templates is not supporting every build system yet.


You mean Android Studio and Eclipse? I don’t know, but libs can’t be used in Android studio or smth?


I was only referring to Android Studio, as there is a binary template for Eclipse but not for the former.
Every build system needs special configuration files for using prebuild libraries. Maybe these files are not ready yet for Android Studio.

It’s the only reason I could imagine, why there is no binary template for Android Studio.

I’m sure @slackmoehrle can answer that question.


I believe the Android Studio build is NOT fully working just yet.


@stevetranby It’s a bit problematic to setup, but IT IS WORKING. I can confirm that :slight_smile: Now I’m struggling to use precompiled libs to decrease compilation time, which is pretty slow on my iMac with goddamn 5400mbr hard drive. Feel free to help me fighting with gradle and ndk-build.