Native performance

Native performance

can anyone tell me wich cocos creator version is optimization for low android device.??

Depending on your game logic, you should decide which one to use.
eg: would you need 3d object in your game? need newer/older spine engine? etc. etc.

If you don’t have specific requirements, just go with the latest version.
for 2D is 2.0.X, for 3D is 2.1.x.

I tested really a lot of GameEngines ! Especially for Low-End devices and how the engines performs on it. You can test it best on low-end. On a high end, you wouldn´t recognize any difference, even btween a unreal-build :wink:

For a quite a time i am on CC 2.11 and i like it. Because:

  • small APKs (raw ~ 6mb)
  • native builds through JS conversation to C++ (so not a wrapper like on other html5 engines)
  • very performant on low-end Androids
  • 3D nodes / objects are running even smoother than 2D Sprites
  • timeline (a big savior, also timesavior)
  • JS / TS. I prefer JS. Really easy to catch up

Sure, you got even more performant engines out there. And so on, but i would say the benefit of CC is the component based Editor ! this is a really big plus to develop games fast and invest the saved time into optimzation and other things.

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Here is also a small Demo of the 3D-capabilities: (Html5)

If you got time, test it. I allready done it. It runs fine on old smartphones. Even on a iphone 4, it runs super smooth.The html5 build is about 2mb, i think. Compared with other engines it is really small. As i remeber Godot html5 RAW-output takes about 15mb !

Side note: if you put your mouse on upper left/right corner, then balls would never catch up,

Ah ok. Didn´t tried it out. Nice to know :grinning:.Thx.